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"Gets points for its sheer shock value...a guilty pleasure."
Kirkus Reviews

"Smartly plotted, suspenseful story…high-concept political intrigue...A thriller you can't put down."
Book Journal

"Thoroughly engaging suspenseful read."
Indie Reader, Awarded 5 Stars

"An exciting new storyteller for readers of Lee Child, Trevor Scott and Vince Flynn."
Thriller Aficionado

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Christian Roberts has a plan.

Excel in his job as a phone clerk at the Chicago Board of Trade.

Climb the ladder to pit broker.

Take his place next to the moneyed and powerful.

Then someone tries to kill him, and he realizes his job might not be as pedestrian as he thought. As he investigates the circumstances surrounding the attempt on his life, it becomes obvious that his unwitting connection to a trading scheme has made him a target.

Desperate to get his life back, Christian enlists the help of Strong and Associates, a shadow group with ties to more than one government intelligence agency. Together they work to unravel the mysterious people behind the illegal trade and to neutralize the threat against Christian’s life.

But when their investigation leads them to some of the world’s most powerful bankers and politicians, they discover the threat is greater than they first believed. Now they must battle a secret alliance determined to execute a terrorist attack that will rock the world — and hand them far-reaching control of the White House and beyond.

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About the Author

James Force

James Force began his career with the best job ever—as a professional water skier for Sea World. He also “worked” at water ski shows in Japan and Thailand.

He graduated cum laude with a degree in Finance from Arizona State University. During his twenty-five year investment and finance career, he has traded on the floor of the Chicago Board of Trade and worked with a large well-known hedge fund.

James lives in Austin Texas.

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